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Ski Rentals with One Stop Ski Shop

There are plenty of places to rent equipment in Steamboat, but we need you to rent from us so that we can afford to eat occasionally, so we figured the best way to make you come here was to offer the best rates in town accompanied with five star service. Pretty cunning huh….come on by even if its just to say Hi.

Ski Rentals Packages

Adult Demo Ski Rental Package
$40 per Day
Brand new award winning front side all mountain skis.
Adult Premier Ski Rental Package
$30 per Day
Skis designed for solid intermediate to advanced skiers that want to ski the whole mountain.
Adult Sport Ski Rental Package
$20 per day
Skis designed for beginners to aspiring intermediates that want to cruise greens and some blues.
Junior Package
$15 per Day

Snowboard Rental Packages

Adult Snowboard Package
$40 per Day
Junior Snowboard Package
$15 per Day


Helmet Rentals
$10 per Day
$3 per Day